8mm, Super 8, & 16mm Film

     8mm & 16mm films, by today's standards, are a thing of the past, but the memories they hold do not have to be!  We can transfer those old home movies to digital format using only the best in transfer equipment.  We literally transfer your films frame-by-frame, providing a high resolution, flickerless movie for you and your family to enjoy!

Here are a few samples of our film transfers:
(Please be patient.  It may take a moment for your computer to load them up.)

8mm - 1968

8mm - 1959

8mm - 1958

8mm - 1944

16mm - 1946

16mm - 1938

16mm - 1937
(Yep, they had color back then too!)

    The Process:  
    The films are first individually hand cleaned so they are free of lint & debris.  They are then slowly scanned at 6 frames per second in order to not stress the older, more fragile films.  This process is consistently monitored as lighting is adjusted in under or overexposed scenes.  Also, non-viewable frames are not captured as we see no point in you paying for images you cannot see.  The full frames are then digitally transferred to our editing suite where your new home movie is then built the way you want it & the project is arranged in the order you see fit!  

     That Personal Touch:

     To keep your home movie organized, a detailed navigation menu & chapters can be created, just like the DVD movies you buy!  This way you can jump from reel to reel to show your favorite clips with the simple click of a remote & your family's memories will be documented & organized!  Also, included in the cost of the navigation menu is "Reel ID."  This feature allows us to text or email you a frame from the reels that have not been identified.  From there you can ID the person, timeframe or event & we can use that info to put your reels in chronological order & name each chapter selection. 
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Straight 8mm & Super 8 film, & 16mm Transfer to Digital: 

$0.19 per foot
($50 minimum order)

 Approximate Footage

Film Reel Size  8mm & 16mm
3" reel  50ft
5" reel  200ft
6" reel  300ft
7" reel  400ft

Includes hand cleaning, scanning of each and every frame, professional grade DVD-R,
 "Unbreakable" Trigger Case, adjusted lighting in under or
overexposed scenes & customized DVD label.

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